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2017 Elections for the Board of Directors

Board Composition and the Elections Process

Board Composition

  • Board Officers: Chair, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Secretary-Treasurer

  • Directors from Regions (20) … see below for more information

  • Directors from Associations (2) … see below for more information

  • Directors, At-Large (6 maximum) … see below for more information

  • Chairperson of the Public Policy Committee (elected by the Public Policy Committee)

Board Officer Requirements & Terms

  • All Directors to the Board, excepting At-Large Directors, must be affiliated with a National Council member.

  • Officers shall serve a two (2) year term, commencing July 1, and shall not be elected to consecutive complete terms of the same office.

  • Officers, Directors from Associations, and the Chairperson of the Public Policy Committee may serve concurrently as Directors from Regions.

Directors from Regions

  • There are 20 Directors, two Directors elected from each of 10 regions, covering the entire U.S.

  • Directors are elected by National Council members within each region.

  • Directors must be affiliated with a National Council member.

  • Directors shall serve a three (3) year term. A Regional Director shall serve no more than two (2) complete three (3) year terms.

  • The two Directors within a region should represent different states in that region.

  • In choosing candidates for National Directors in each region, it is strongly urged that community Board members, as well as staff members, be considered for these positions.

Directors from Associations/States

  • Associations are organizations (state, regional, county, municipality, etc.) whose membership is made up, partially or completely, by behavioral health.

  • Directors are Association Executives (CEOs, Executive Directors, etc.).

  • One Director is elected by all member associations.

  • One Director is elected only by “100% Associations” (State and regional associations who have an agreement with the National Council to incorporate all their members as National Council members).

  • Association/State Directors shall serve no more than two (2) consecutive two (2) year terms.

Directors, At-Large

  • The bylaws allow the National Board to create, for a specified term, a maximum of six (6) additional Board members who “need not necessarily be affiliated with a National Council voting member” but who “shall possess a particular background or expertise that will help to advance the goals of the National Council.”

  • At-Large Directors are in-eligible to serve as officers of the National Council.

  • At-Large Directors will be voted on by the complete Board of Directors.

  • The term for At-Large Directors shall be determined by the National Board at the time of creation, but shall not exceed three (3) years.


  • Officers serve a 2 year term, commencing on July 1.

  • Officers cannot be elected to complete consecutive terms of the same office.

  • At-Large members may not serve as officers.

  • Officers are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected by the complete Board.

Off-Board Appointees

  • Off-Board members may be appointed by the Chair to provide advice and assistance.

  • Off-Board Appointees are NOT voting members.

Nominating Committee

  • The Nominating Committee is comprised of Board members, elected by the entire Board.

  • Nominating Committee members serve a one-year term, commencing on July 1.

  • Nominating committee members cannot serve concurrently as officers.



Please contact Liane Kluge at, 202-684-7457 with any questions.


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