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2019 Elections for the Board of Directors

100% Association/State Representative, Association/State Executives Committee

The National Council is holding elections to fill the 100% Association/ 100% State Representative position, Association/State Executives Committee (Board seat).

The Association Executives Committee is composed of the Executives of all member Associations. The Chair of the Association Executives Committee is elected by all members of the Group and serves as a Director to the National Council Board. The second Director to the National Council Board is elected by the "100% Associations" only. Both Chair and 100% Association Representative may not serve more than two consecutive terms of office (two two-year terms). Election of the Chair will take place in the same year as the election of Officers to the Board. Election of the 100% Association Representative will take place in the off-year.

The 100% Association/State Executives Committee Representative holds a seat on the National Council Board of Directors. This seat is elected by the Association/State Executives Committee.

To nominate yourself or another individual, submit your nomination by completing and submitting the form below by April 14, 2019. If nomination is being completed by a person/organization other than the person listed below, the nominated individual must be involved in the submission process.

Nominee Information

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Each nominee may submit one supporting document (PDF only, no more then 5 pages). This may include a resume, letters of support, recognitions, etc. You will be able to upload your file on the next screen.

Each nominee may submit one photo if desired, no larger then 1 MB in size and no smaller then 150x150 pixels in size. You will be able to upload your file on the next screen.


I have experience in:

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Public Policy, Advocacy & Lobbying

Addictions Treatment

Medicare, Medicaid & Managed Care Contracting

Workforce & Leadership Development

Children & Mental Health/Addictions Treatment


Alliance/Coalition Building

Criminal Justice Issues

Grant Development

Fiscal Oversight

Housing & Residential Treatment Development

Inpatient Services


Crisis Management

Please answer the following questions:

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1. What is your professional background?

2. What in your life experience will contribute to your service on the National Council Board of Directors?

3. What experience do you have in local, statewide, and national advocacy?

4. What positions of leadership have you held (professional/civic)?

5. What special skills, talents, or services can you provide during your term of leadership?

6. What is the single most important issue/challenge you want to address during your term on the National Council Board?

7. What in your educational background will contribute to your service on the National Council Board of Directors?

8. What other information may be relevant to your nomination?

9. Personal blurb. Please provide a short bio.

Nominating Person/Organization (optional)
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Statement of support from person submitting nomination: (optional)

Personal/Professional References: (optional)

Each nominee may submit the names of two contacts (personal/professional) who may be contacted to serve as references.

Nominee Consent:

I have read and understand the Board Roles and Responsibilities.

I understand that, if elected, I am responsible for expenses incurred in serving as a member of the Board of Directors.

If elected, I agree to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare.

I acknowledge that all information provided in this application is true to the best of my knowledge, and that the nominee has been advised of this application. I believe the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare will be well served to have the nominee on the Board of Directors.


Please contact Neal Comstock at, 202-748-8793 with any questions.


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