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2018 Elections for the Board of Directors

Elections Summary

Elections will be held to fill 9 regional seats in 2018.

    Region 1: CT-MA-NH-ME-VT-RI
    Kevin Norton is NOT eligible for re-election

    Region 2: NJ-NY-PR-VI
    Robert Davison IS eligible and running for re-election

    Region 3: DC-DE-MD-PA-VA-WV
    Cari Cho IS eligible and running for re-election

    Region 4: AL-FL-GA-KY-MS-NC-SC-TN
    Steve Ronik IS eligible and running for re-election

    Region 6: AR-LA-NM-OK-TX
    Randy Tate IS eligible and running for re-election

    Region 7: IA-KS-MO-NE
    Walter Hill is not running for re-election

    Region 8: AZ-CO-MT-ND-SD-UT-WY (vacant)
    This is a special election for a partial term, ending June 30, 2020. The elected director will be eligible for re-election at that time.

    Region 8: AZ-CO-MT-ND-SD-UT-WY
    Susie Huhn IS eligible and running for re-election

    Region 10: AK-ID-OR-WA
    Kevin Campbell IS eligible and running for re-election

Electing Regional Directors

Per the National Council Bylaws and Board policies, Regional Directors are elected for a 3-year term and may serve no more than two (2) complete 3-year terms in succession. (See Bylaws Article IV, Section 5.) Regional Directors should be, but are not required to be, from different states in each respective region.

The twenty (20) Regional Directors are elected directly by the voting members in each of the ten National Council regions. The Nominating Committee of the National Council Board will direct the process for electing Regional Directors. Regional Directors must be affiliated with a National Council voting member, and may be either a staff person, or a member of its Board. Factors for considering potential nominees for Regional Directors should include: the ability and desire of any nominee to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and public policy and advocacy responsibilities for Directors as set forth by the Board Policies & Procedures.

Please contact Liane Kluge at, 202-684-7457 with any questions.



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